April Fools 2010

Ah, so it's time for the notorious April Fools prank. As always, I love seeing what Google has come up with. There are lots including putting Easter Eggs everywhere, changing Google Maps, and offering farfetched services. However, that's not what I'm talking about here. It's something that most people won't notice … what is it you ask?

Google April Fools 2010

Google drops another Easter Egg at their unsuspected visitors with ridiculous units of measurement like microfortnights, microweeks, nanocenturies, epochs, femtogalactic years, parsecs, skiddo, jiffies, shakes of a lamb's tail, gigawatts, hertz, Planck timescentons, warp factors and “times the velocity of an unladen swallow”. The value for gigawatts is always 1.21, a reference to Back to the Future.

Hopefully this year we won't fall for many pranks like this. However, y'all have fun with the pranks and happy April Fools!


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