World Cup 2010 Picks Update

So now that we're in the Round of 16, let's see how my picks are playing out! If you remembered my list on my World Cup 2010 Fever post, I had a rather long list of teams I'd think would win the World Cup. Unfortunately there has since been two teams that have been crossed off that list. Now this is how my list looks like.

Primary Pick:

  • Brazil

Secondary Picks:

  • France
  • England
  • Netherlands
  • Spain

France's performance was the biggest joke out of the whole tournament. I have never seen a national team in such disarray. I guess it was my mistake in believing that this was the same French team that made it to the finals during the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany against Italy. The French coach must pay for the lackluster team and should be replaced.

England's performance isn't that much better but it was better than their last appearance. At least they made it to the Round of 16. Unfortunately for the team, they were unable to score an equalizer because the referee was unable to see the goal that was suppose to be the equalizer. After the initial mess, I thought England was back on its feet only to be shot down by Germany with a 4 – 1 victory over France.

Fortunately, my main pick is still standing strong and I believe the final battle will be Brazil vs. Germany or Brazil vs. Argentina. Both will be amazing match-ups and a definite one to watch.

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