Canada Votes 2011

Canada is one of many nations where its citizens are free to choose their leaders, free to participate in the process and free to voice their concerns to their government. With the upcoming election now set for May 2, 2011, who will you be voting for?

This year is quite interesting since this is the first time Canadians hit the polls since the recession started in mid-2008. The economy is slowly recovering but we're not in the clear just yet. It's the fourth day of campaigning and all the candidates are going full-throttle on key election issues like family, pensions, healthcare, education and small business incentives. Some promises from candidates have ranged from small business tax credits, government subsidies for post-secondary education and interest caps on credit card companies.

While all of the proposals are interesting to say the least, the truth is that the election race has just started, anything can change in the due course until May 2nd, and I believe this one is going to be a tight race, even more so than the 2008 election. I do however have to agree that I think for many Canadians, there are many who have voter fatigue and don't really want to cast their ballots. This is the 5th election in 10 years and it is getting ridiculous, I'm not going to lie.

However, there is one thing that I really want to see that's brought up as an election topic: fair and open Internet connections and not have the major telecoms dictate the competition. Personally, Canada will slip further behind other developed nations in terms of Internet access capabilities if the government doesn't do something to open up the market. Personally, I believe it's in the best interest for Canada to do so and I will be personally watching this during this election race.

Also, has a very interesting tool called “Vote Compass” that helps you consider which candidate and party you're best aligned to. Obviously it shouldn't be used as an authoritative source in deciding who to vote for, but it's a great reference tool. Even if you don't want to vote, heck, just try it for fun and see who CBC thinks is best for you. You might be shocked by the results, who knows right?

That being said, just one more exciting thing to watch for the next month when I'm not bogged down with assignments and exams.

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