Happy Canada Day 2011!

From Kwokinator.com, I want to wish everyone a very happy Canada Day! It's probably one of my favourite holidays of the year. It's one of those days where I am proud to be Canadian and wave my flag to celebrate this great country.

It's also one of those holidays where it's always fun to spend with friends and family going to the beach or have a barbeque and end the day watching fireworks.

For those without things to do on this great day, be sure to check out these two Canada Day videos made by local talents!

So happy Canada Day to all, even those who aren't Canadian!!!

Lastly before I go, this basically sums it up for what a typical Canadian is like 😛

We disagree on everything
But we try to be polite
We don't believe in violence
Except on hockey nights! 

Forgive Us, We're Canadian, The Arrogant Worms

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