Unusually Hot Winter Weather

Wow, it has been a really unusually warm winter here in Toronto! The weather has been going up and down near the 0°C mark. Unfortunately, this meant that for Torontonians, whenever there's snow, it'll quickly turn into slush and whenever it rains, it quickly turns into freezing rain causing very dangerous road conditions.

Now that we approach mid-March, it has been even odder, we have hit way past the double digit mark. No, I'm not talking about the double digit mark in the negative, we're talking about weather that's been hovering around 13°C to 20°C as the daytime high. This is especially concerning as the seasonal average near the end of the winter season (Spring doesn't officially start until March 21) is between -4°C to 5°C for the daytime high. This is especially concerning as Toronto hasn't experienced this kind of rapid warming. During this whole winter, we have had only 1 “snow storm” and even then, it was very weak compared to our normal snow storms. We only had a drop of less than 10 cm and people called it a snow storm when normal Torontonian snow storm averages around 15 – 20 cm of snow.

An average of ~20°C for the daytime high this coming week

(Click to Enlarge, Courtesy of The Weather Network)

So what's causing this weird weather? Apparently there has been a phenomenon called the Azores High, better known as the Bermuda High which has been pushing north from the Atlantic Ocean through the United States. This high pressure warm airmass has been sitting around the the North-Eastern Seaboard as it slowly moves along. This coupled with an El Niño during this winter season has caused the sudden jump in temperature in the Southern Ontario region. It seems that the high pressure airmass caused by the Azores High is slowly moving so metereologists have been predicting hot weather for the next 7 days.

14 Day Trend Forecast

(Click to Enlarge, Courtesy of The Weather Network)

On the flip side, at least we have been getting nice weather that allows us to go out and do stuff like hanging out at parks and start the warm weather fun ahead of time. Since the weather has been really hot lately, the Province of Ontario also saw a significant drop in electricity usage which is always good for the pocket books for Ontarians and the environment for using drastically less energy than expected.

So regardless if you believe that the usually hot winter is a good or bad thing, remember, at the end of the day, enjoy the weather!

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