WordPress Migration

As some of you may have noticed, the website has changed, it was high time that I moved the website to something that’s easier to work with. As such, I have made the decision to move the website from Drupal to WordPress. There was just too much technical issues with upkeeping with the Drupal system and it was getting heavily outdated as the Drupal installation was stuck in the 6.x series which had a lot of bugs and was a disaster to maintain.

I chose WordPress because it has matured to the point where it’s much more than a blogging platform and allowed me to easily maintain the Content Management System. I heard that Drupal 7.x is a lot better and I have had the chance to play with it. Unfortunately, the effort to upgrade to Drupal 7 is about the same as moving over to WordPress so I decided  to go with WordPress instead.

During the transition period, access to the old site will still be available. It can be accessed here: Old Website or on the navigation bar.

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