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World Cup 2010 Fever

Well, it's June 6, 2010 which means two things: 66 years ago today it was the invasion of Normandy or famously known as D Day. The other thing is that in 5 days, South Africa will ignite the world as nations descend on the African nation to compete in one of the world's coveted sports tournaments, the FIFA World Cup.

With the World Cup, comes with the fever as football (known in North America as soccer) is the world's sport. With the tournament starting in only a few days, I'd like to announce my picks for this year.

Primary Pick:

  • Brazil

Secondary Picks:

  • France
  • England
  • Netherlands
  • Spain

I can see Portugal and Germany in the top spots looking at their prior World Cup and Euro Cup track records but the ones that I've picked are in my opinion have a really good chance at gaining the World Cup. The reason why I chose Netherlands is mainly because I believe that by looking at their previous track record, they might go quite far in this tournament. As for the main pick being Brazil is mainly because I find that the Brazilian team usually play very well except for the 2006 disappointment. However, I think within those 4 years, they were able to recuperate and hopefully come out as a much stronger team.

Hopefully, this year all my picks will not be shut out early, the only pick that didn't get shut out early last year was France. I have a feeling that France might be able to pull another 1998 victory thus landing a spot on the Secondary Picks.

Updated: After looking at Spain for the past few years, I think Spain might be able to go really far in this tournament as I've stated before but looking back at EURO2008, I think Spain definitely deserves to be backed as they have a solid team that will do well so Spain makes it onto my list this year.

So what are your picks for this year's world cup?

Thought Experiment: Cutest Word

So my cousin got bored today and came up with this interesting thought experiment which is quite interesting. The question is: what do you think is the cutest word you've heard?


  • Must be in the dictionary
  • Must be in English
  • No slang, must be in formal English


So what do you think is the cutest word you've heard?

April Fools 2010

Ah, so it's time for the notorious April Fools prank. As always, I love seeing what Google has come up with. There are lots including putting Easter Eggs everywhere, changing Google Maps, and offering farfetched services. However, that's not what I'm talking about here. It's something that most people won't notice … what is it you ask?

Google April Fools 2010

Google drops another Easter Egg at their unsuspected visitors with ridiculous units of measurement like microfortnights, microweeks, nanocenturies, epochs, femtogalactic years, parsecs, skiddo, jiffies, shakes of a lamb's tail, gigawatts, hertz, Planck timescentons, warp factors and “times the velocity of an unladen swallow”. The value for gigawatts is always 1.21, a reference to Back to the Future.

Hopefully this year we won't fall for many pranks like this. However, y'all have fun with the pranks and happy April Fools!